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Donair Restaurant Review in North Vancouver

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Choobeez All Donair and Pizza

Donairs can be a great choice for dinner or lunch, and after a night of skiing, my hubby and I were hungry! On a Thursday night at 10 pm in North Vancouver, not much is open in the way of food though, so we headed to Lonsdale to see if we could find something.


There was Choobeez; lit up with an open sign on the door. So we went in.

Small with a few empty tables, we found a spot to sit then checked out the menu.

We both went with the Arabic donair which had chicken, lettuce, tomato, tzatziki sauce (lots of garlic!) and hot sauce if you wanted it.

The donairs came fast, and we could view the proprietor making them from where we sat; he actually sliced fresh tomatoes and lettuce!  Fast and fresh.

A few weeks later, we were trying to decide on take out options, and I remembered that Choobeez also did delivery! I called them up, ordered a few donairs, and less than a half hour later I had my food in hand.

Great food, relatively cheap, and quick.

604) 983-9474

1805 Lonsdale Ave Map.b44554b
North Vancouver, BC

The donairs were delicious and filled us up nicely. And they were on the cheap side too; we only spent about $9 on two giant portions.

Choobeez All Donair And Pizza on Urbanspoon


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