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Rockford Bar and Grill North Vancouver

I went to Rockfords for dinner on Thursday night, thought I’d order something yummy after going here once and having a good salad.

Absolutely freezing inside; the door at the front and back were open and it was 9:30pm. I hate being cold when I eat so I asked to be seated away from the door. Seated by the other door! They closed it on my request.

Lots of things looked good; I settled on an asian noodle dish with beef.

Drinks came out very quickly, within minutes; our waitress was extremely enthusiastic and friendly.

We were offered garlic toast, but upon asking, we realized it was NOT included, but it was offered as if it was. We declined.

My noodle dish arrived and it was SATURATED in an extremely salty sauce. I could barely bite into it as the sauce was so overpowering; the noodles were completely mushy and overcooked as well. It was not enjoyable, and I let them know.

Luckily, they comped the meal without my saying another word, which I thought was great customer service. My partner didn’t care much for his curried Mumbai prawn and rice dish either, so he ate mine and I picked at his. The prawns were breaded which I found really gross.

Overall, the food was not good, service was good, fast and enthusiastic.

I would not give it another try.

Where to find Rockford Bar and Grill:

1493 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1T5
T: 604.904.1222

Rockford Wok Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon


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